Childhood Daydreams and Adult Wonder

As mentioned on my on the homepage, I am a fan of Movie posters and banners. In fact I am a fan of all graphic representations/advertisements used in entertainment and business. Just as a artist’s painting can express beauty, and tall a story I believe the same of any advertising poster, billboard or ad in a magazine or newspaper. You just have to look at it in a way that allows you to see things behind the picture. Some of these include looking at time period depicted or the way it is depicted as dictated by the time period it was created in. A good example of this is horror movie posters of the past compared to today. The innocence or campiness of past posters and banners would never be taken seriously today. It is also interesting to look at the evolution of these posters as they progressed through the decades. So my fascination with these advertisements grew from the daydreaming they induced to adult wonder I experience today as I have come to truly appreciate the art and beauty of the works of modern art.

I have started this blog to not only have an outlet to express my appreciation of these posters and banners but to document and create a space for these parts of the cinema experience. Graphic design and art are not part of my current employment and this is just a way for me to pay homage to these very special and necessary components of the movie industry.